Clandestinemood was born in 2019 in Madrid (Spain) as a crazy alternative to conventional sporting events. It began as the organization of clandestine sporting events only for women, in completely unexpected locations, where you would never think that you can workout, announced 24 hours before the big day.

Clandestinemood is a ‘mood’ personified in an anonymous, nonconformist and impulsive woman. It is represented through crazy clandestine sports experiences continued over time, which causes the user to get out of her comfort zone and keep her pulse racing.

Its maximum expression takes place in CLANDESTINEMOOD SPORTY PARTIES: Very punctual Sports parties only for women, whose “core” is sport with live music in completely unexpected and unrepeatable locations, unveiled 24 hours before.
All Clandestinemood experiences have an essence, communication and style based on a sophisticated, and carefree image, in which anonymity is maintained until the end.

Our goal is to ensure that each woman who lives a Clandestinemood experience has a unique sporting experience for her senses, generating the new need to repeat.


I am a continuous secret with the essence of a woman that you will identify
for her actions and way of making you feel before meeting me.
I am a mood with an elegant and feminine scent that will accelerate your heart rate
and it will make you feel alive.
I am the one who makes your pulse stay accelerated, the one who makes you nervous.

I am sport and party.

I am a mood impossible to pigeonhole, they have not invented a cage
so great for all those who, like me, want to LIVE.

My values ​​based on fidelity, respect, beauty and art in all its aspects,
are firm. A different thing happens with my actions identified as being impulsive and improvised.

My best kept secret is my name, yours and all of those
who want to be IN my Clandestine Mood.

What is experienced with me is something that remains between you and me, between us.
With me you can dismantle, be yourself or be whoever you want to be.

Your secret, mine and that of all those who are IN of Clandestinemood is safe.
To know me you have to find me, or for me to find you.