Clandestinemood was born in Madrid (Spain) as a crazy alternative to conventional sporting events. It began as the organization of clandestine wellness events only for women, in completely unexpected locations, announced 24 hours before the big day.

Its maximum expression takes place in CLANDESTINEMOOD SPORTY PARTIES: A unique wellness experience only for women, with live music in a secret one-time location. All Clandestinemood experiences have an essence, communication and style based on a sophisticated, and curated image, in which anonymity is maintained until the end.

Clandestinemood works alongside brands and companies that want to get into their mood in a “Phygital” way: Curated experiences amplified through its digital channels and large niche database, and focused on the coexistence between the female end consumer, talents and celebrities.

Whether it’s “Sponsored Afterworkouts”, Clandestinemood Corporate or Clandestinemood Sporty Party, there are different sponsorships and collaboration options and categories so that brands and companies can bring the clandestine experience closer and elevate their brand where it deserves.

Clandestinemood is currently active in Madrid, Barcelona, Miami and New York and works with brands in sports/fitness categories (Nike, Adidas, Lululemon…), beauty (Sephora, Clinique,…) Drinks & spirits (Estrella Damm, Red Bull, Tanqueray…) Food , hospitality or technology, amongst others. You can connect with us  to design or join the next Clandestine experience!

Clandestinemood selects creative wellness and live music experiences and have worked with different unique locations such as Restaurants, Lounges, Nightclubs, Art Galleries…and always looking for new venues! If you know of any, you can connect with us 

Our mission is to be a recognized brand for creating unique experiences related to sports and live music in one-time location


Having been an elite athlete has instilled in her certain values in her life such as “self-demand and competitiveness”.

She is dedicated to brand marketing and communication strategy in the world of wellness and lifestyle, despite being a diplomatic lawyer.

Tammy has developed several years of her career as a celebrity trainer and ambassador for international brands such as Nike and Oysho.

Her best letter of introduction is her personal project @clandestinemood, transforming current brand marketing trends, creative communication and a lot of hard work. With this project and hard path as an entrepreneur, she has managed to develop herself as a businesswoman and as a person, achieving goals such as expanding the brand internationally and obtaining recognition from major international brands.